I cannot tell you how much Georgia has helped me and this little bit does not show all my gratitude: Georgia has given me realistic tools to cope with life’s problems.  I leave my appointments with positive strategies for solutions and carry home with me a sense of hope. Thank you, Georgia!

- D.U.

Georgia has the gift of tuning in to where you are mentally and emotionally. She has wonderful ideas, input and insight as to how you can continue to work, learn and grow in your life between sessions. I HIGHLY recommend her services-- she is an amazing and exceptional therapist. 

- V.S.

Working with Georgia has helped enhance our relationship. Coming up with the safe place exercise has helped our ability to communicate.Things don't get set aside and not dealt with, like before.  

- N.P. & E.P.

Opening up to someone about past trauma is not easy. Fortunately, I found Georgia whose expertise and personality put me at ease throughout my therapy sessions with her.  

- A.S.